The Dream Team

Our Mission:

Rose City Swing Events is a concept with one thing in mind: sharing our passion in dance. We are here not to make a profit, but to help spread the love, joy, and creative spirit that our community has in spades. With that in mind, our goal is to be self sustaining, while remaining available to as many people as possible. Our events are intended to always be warm, welcoming, fun, and challenging no matter what your level of experience or commitment.

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About Us:

Babak Seyed Shakeri
Co-Director & Co Owner

bobby 200x300Babak started dancing in 2011, when he entered his first ballroom class at Portland Community College. Not realizing what he was getting himself into, he was invited to a west coast swing dance and agreed to attend, where he won a free private lesson with Trudy in a raffle. After an inspirational hour, Babak realized that he had found his new passion.

Babak later decided to combine his background in event planning with his passion for dancing. With a few dances under his belt, “Bobby’s Crazy Dance Ideas” was born. As the dances grew, Babak knew he needed to expand, to something bigger and more professional. He needed a partner and a team of dancers who were out to improve and grow the community and the dance we love. In 2013 Babak pitched the idea to Trudy. With Babak’s crazy ideas and Trudy’s organization and experience, this became the perfect formula for creative and well-planned events. In January of 2014, Rose City Swing Events was launched with Babak’s dream team of support staff.

Trudy Thatcher
Co-Director & Co Owner

trudy 200x300With a few crazy ideas of her own, Trudy is thrilled to be teaming with Babak to bring many more wonderful dance opportunities to the Rose City! Dancing longer than Babak has been alive, Trudy started out as a ballerina in a young regional troupe that performed with principals of the New York City Ballet and went on to become a member of the very first squad of Portland Trailblazer dancers. Much much much later she was introduced to Lindy and Balboa and when she discovered West Coast Swing, she never looked back! In December 2010 Trudy became a WCS judge certified through the National Dance Dynamics Certification Board and now loves to judge, dance, coach and teach in the Pacific Northwest.

Delancey Von Langendoerfer
Assistant to the Event Directors

Delancey began dancing at the age of fifteen when she joined her high school’s ballroom dance club. Captivated by all the dances she was motivated to become president of the club. West Coast Swing became her dance of choice and after five years she has become inseparable from it. Delancey has been competing in West Coast Swing since she was 16 years old and has been rising through the ranks ever since.  She also began helping out with classes at that age, and a couple of years later began teaching on her own. In 2013 she became the vice president of OSU’s West Coast Swing club and spent her time planning dances and workshops for the Corvallis community. Delancey was on staff at Rose City Swing 2014, and she went above and beyond to help this event run smoothly. It was a no-brainer for Babak and Trudy and she needed to become part of the Rose City Swing Events team, and in May of 2014, she took on the role as our assistant.