The Attitude of Winning Seminar by Brad Whelan

Rose City Swing 2018 – Murder Mystery (A WSDC Registry Event!)
February 22, 2018 – February 25, 2018

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Rose City Swing is excited to announce that Brad Whelan will be hosting his seminar on “The Attitude of Winning!” Once more at Rose City Swing 2018!

If you missed it this year, don’t make that mistake again! If you want to improving your dancing, improving your competition results, Start moving up to the next division, or having more fun on the dance floor, then this class if for you!

Brad will take you through a journey to show you the key competition strategies of winning. As Brad puts it, winning Jack and Jills is not about who the best dancer is. With this course you will learn how to shine on the dance floor.

In this seminar you will learn:
– What the judges are looking for, beyond just your technique
– How to mentally deal with prelims and finals, before and during the competition
– Spotlight strategy
– Winning without “flash and trash”

During this three-hour course there will be a lecture on competition strategy, practice exercises, and a spotlight critique session (mock Jack and Jill).

This is open to all levels. The purpose of this course is to make you a better competitor, whatever level dancer you are.

Check out these videos of Brad Whelan using the Attitude of Winning to excel in competitions!

1st Place All Star strictly with Shantala Davis!  – At Boogie By The Bay 2014

1st Place All Star Jack and Jill with Mackenzie Goodmanson! – At US Open 2014

1st Place Invitational Strictly with Crystal Auclair! – Austin Swing Dance Championships 2014

1st Place Invitational Strictly with Deborah Szekely! – Austin Swing Dance Championships 2014

1st Place Pro Strictly with Kellese Key! – Trilogy of Swing 2013

1st Place All Star Jack and Jill with Hannah Clonch! – Palm Springs Summer Dance Camp 2013

(Theses were just some of the most recent ones. If you would like to see more, go to Youtube and type in “Brad Whelan 1s’t Place and you’ll see all his videos)


This three-hour seminar will be happening at Rose City Swing on Friday Morning!

A full weekend pass is mandatory to take this at the discounted Price. Those without a pass can still attend for the regular pricePricing! (with a full weekend pass)
$40 – November 14th 2016 – December 15th 2016
$50 – December 15th 2016 – January 31st 2017
$60 – January 31st 2017 onPricing (Without a weekend pass)
$100 – At the door

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