On the Road with RCS!

As much as we love putting on events, we also love traveling and supporting other events! On some occasions, we get to show our support by selling tickets or organize tables for Portland (and surrounding areas) to get everyone excited for the upcoming weekend! Check out the events we are selling tickets for!


Please contact Babak to arrange your ticket!



Our two tables are sold out! But you can still join the fun by going to Swingcouver.com and purchasing your ticket!


City of Angels!

We have 10 spots at our Portland City of Angels table!  To purchase your pass, please go to Cityofangelsswing.com and select the Portland Table!


Easter Swing!

info TBA


Boogie By The Bay!

info TBA

More information: can be found on the RCSE Ticket selling group and website (as well as the event sites themselves)
Join the group! Click here