Rose City Swing!

Rose City Swing 2018 – Murder Mystery (A WSDC Registry Event!)
February 22, 2018 – February 25, 2018, in Portland Oregon!


What started as a crazy idea has turned into a full-blown weekend of fun! Rose City Swing happens on the last weekend of February every year in Portland Oregon! We are so thankful for all you for supporting us over the last four years!

Check out some of the reasons to come to Rose City Swing’s 5th anniversary!

The 5 hour Brandi Guild Intensive!

Unique and Diverse Competitions!

WSDC Jack an Jills!

The Rose City Routine!

Free BYOB classes! (Bring Your Own Beginner)

FREE Passes to Juniors and their parents!

All-Star – Junior Mentor Program!

Discounts for international dancers and All Star / Champions!



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