Rose City Swing 2018 – Murder Mystery (A WSDC Registry Event!)
February 22, 2018 – February 25, 2018, in Portland Oregon!

Rose City Swing is proud to have a variety of competitions, both WSDC and unique competitions! Please note, A full weekend pass is mandatory to compete in ANY of the competitions. ALL our competitions are GENDER NEUTRAL! You can lead! You can follow! And if you want to try both at once, go for it! (Just kidding…and take the solo classes!!)  Guidelines for these competitions are posted below!

2017 Rules


Strictly Swings!
Open Novice Strictly Swing! – $30 / Couple
Inter-Generational Strictly Swing! – $30 / Couple
All-Star / Champion Strictly Swing! – $30 / Couple

Regular Jack and Jills!
WSDC Jack and Jill’s! – $20 / person
All American Jack and Jill! – $20 / Person

Late Night Jack and Jills
Switchly Swing Jack and Jill! – $10 / Person
“You Got Served” Jack and Jill! – $10 / Person


Competition Descriptions:


Open Novice Strictly Swing!
Since the inception of Rose City Swing, this division has been a huge hit! The only rule for this division is that one of the partners must be a Newcomer or Novice per the WSDC point system.


Inter-Generational Strictly Swing!
This competition is inspired by the fact that your Event Directors – Babak and Trudy – are from different generations! Since that partnership is working out so well, we decided to add in this Strictly. The only two rules are that there must be at least a 10-year age difference between the partners and no two All-Stars may dance together.


All-Star / Champion Strictly Swing!
This competition is for any all star or champion level dancers. At least one of the competition must have All-star or champion points to compete in this division.

All American Jack and Jill!
It’s a free for all! Enter in your preferred role and draw anyone. You are then judged as a couple and will advance as a couple.


Switchly Swing Jack and Jill!
Enter the Jack and Jill as a dancer (not a leader or follower). You will get paired with another dancer who could be a leader or a follower, a man or a woman, or even a robot. Who knows. Both dancers will need to lead and follow during the competition. How you execute that is completely up to you. Prelims will be during the day (time TVA) and the finals will be at 1:00AM! 

Check out the finals from last year!


“You Got Served” Jack and Jill 
The prelims will be a standard Jack and Jill during the day (Time TBA). Finals are a tournament style head-to-head battle at 1:00AM. The music will be “Down and Dirty” and the judges aren’t looking for swing content. The couple with the best dances win, plane and simple. 


WSDC Jack and Jill’s!
Newcomer, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and All-Star and Sophisticated! Our jack and jills are completely gender-neutral, which means you can lead or follow! You must qualify to be in the division per WSDC rules and can only dance in one skill leveled division.