Rose City Swing 2018 – Murder Mystery (A WSDC Registry Event!)
February 22, 2018 – February 25, 2018, in Portland Oregon!

What do we have in store for you?

Weekend Theme: Murder Mystery!

BYOB – Bring Your Own Beginner!
Since Rose City Swing started, one of our biggest passions was our program to bring in new dancers into our community.We will have 3 COMPLETELY FREE classes at Rose City Swing this year! And for those who take those classes, you also get a discount to get into the
the evening activities! Dancing till 7AM and watching competitions and demos, all for only $10!

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All Level Workshops!
These classes are open to anyone everyone on a weekend or day pass. These classes are great for anyone and everyone who loves west coast swing!


Solo Classes!
The best way to get up and moving is by taking some of our solo classes! Learn how to move your body in ways you didn’t think were possible!


Routine Classes!
Rose City Swing is proud to host two routine based classes at Rose City Swing this year! Throughout the weekend students will learn a routine choreographed by our amazing staff. At the end of the weekend, they have the ability to perform it at the Rose City Swing Talent Show!

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