Professional Staff

Rose City Swing 2018 – Murder Mystery (A WSDC Registry Event!)
February 22, 2018 – February 25, 2018, in Portland Oregon!

Rose City Swing 2018 STAFF! 

The Detective (Master of Ceremonies):
Brad Whelen!

The Honorable Chief Judge ( Chief Judge):
Chris Jones!

The Suspects (Professional Staff):
THE Deborah Szekely

Brandi Guild
Nick King
PJ Turner and Tashina Beckmann
John Piper and Janelle Guido
ony Schubert and Larisa Tingle Schubert
Andrew Slac and Delancey Von Langendoerfer
Marcus Sterling and Tessa Antolini
Joe Broderick and Leilani Nakagawa
Reginald Beason and Rebecca Savoca

The Witnesses (DJ’s)
Koichi Tsunoda
Forrest Hanson
Larisa Tingle Schubert
Joe Broderick
DJ Bromance (Lance Armstrong and Brian Sforza)
Greg Van Wijk
Guest DJ James Kleinman

The Jury (Judges): TBA

Scoring and Registration:
Step Right Solutions

Volunteer Coordinator:
Jason Isbell

Registration Desk Leads:
Mathias Sunardi 
Quin Kloppenburg
Amanda Flores
Christine Brecunier

Competition Desk Leads:
Nickolas De Vore 
Brittany De Vore

Murder Mystery Story Narrator:
Cassie Winter


2018 Staff Bios:

THE Deborah Székely

Deborah Székely “say kay” started dancing when she was three years old. At the age of 10 she performed at the famous Harvest Moon Ball with her Jr. company dance troupe, and at 16,
competed on “Star Search” with Tyce Diorio from “SYTYCD” She has been dancing and competing ever since

Formally trained in ballet, tap, and jazz since the age of 3 and teaching since the age of 15 at Horizons Dance Centre. Deborah has also been trained at The Joffrey Ballet and Miss Christine Neubert at Carnegie Hall. She was a summer dance scholarship winner at Theatre Dance for two years owned by Lisa Danias, sister of famous Joffrey Ballet Dancer and the Ballerina Starr Danias in the “Turning Point” movie.

During Deborah’s first year of med school she decided to follow her one true passion: dance. She left med school and began teaching line dancing at the famous “Denim and Diamonds” in NYC, and jazz at Dance Manhattan. She also waited tables to make ends meet in the tough world of being a dancer in New York City.

In 1995 she was introduced to WCS. In 1996 She began Competing the swing circuit with Steve Neeren. After a year of much success she was approached by then 3x US Open Swing Dance Champion Robert Cordoba. In 1997 Deborah and Robert became partners for 15 years. In That 15 year span they together accumulated four more US Open Titles. two in Showcase and 2 in Sophisticated and a US Open Jack and Jill win for Deborah. They won NASDE 4 years straight from 1997-2000. Deborah was also voted favorite female dancer in 1997. in 2011 Deborah Decided to pursue her West Coast Swing without a partner and is the top Female traveling on her own teaching to this day.

Deborah has 8 Grand National Titles. She is a Dallas Dance and California Swing Dance Hall of Famer. She was White Hatted In Calgary in june 2014. In November of 2014 she was Inducted into the National Living Legends of Dance.

Deborah Continues to travel the world spreading her love and knowledge of Dance and West Coast Swing. Deborah also still competes In Jack and Jills and Strictly Swing in the Champions division and consistently places in the top 5. She continues to work on her craft to make her a better Dancer and Teacher.

Brandi Guild

Brandi Guild is a world-renowned dancer, teacher, coach, and choreographer who specializes in West Coast Swing.

Dancing was not a part of Brandi’s early life. Beginning at age 5, softball was her focus. It paid off, as she was awarded a full athletic scholarship to pitch for Marshall University. After making it to the final round of trials for the US Olympic team, Brandi was ready for the next chapter in her life.

Dancing happened by accident. A move to Las Vegas and a night out at a county/western club with her sister, Brandi found what she was meant to do. After joining a dance team, she took the bold step of moving to Michigan to pursue her first professional dance partnership. Less than 2 years later, she won her first world championship.

Brandi holds titles in Country/Western, International 10 Dance, and West Coast Swing, however, it is West Coast Swing that has captured her heart. An active competitor, she travels the globe teaching, judging, and performing. She is known as one of the top technicians in the world and has the pleasure of sharing her knowledge with dancers of all levels.

Brandi currently lives in San Diego with her 2 children. She, along with her partner, Ronnie DeBenedetta, is director of City of Angels swing dance event in Los Angeles. has been created as a hub for dancers of all levels who share a love of West Coast Swing. It is a positive, creative, collaborative environment to learn, share, and grow in your knowledge and understanding of the dance.

Nick King

Nicholas King’s robust personality and love of social dancing holds a special place in the heart of the West Coast Swing community.  He selflessly shares his love of dancing with every aspect of the WCS world: his students, his partners (both competitively and socially), and the audience. His “bigger than life” smile says it all when your around him, its simply contagious.

He found his love of dance while attending Chico State University, expressing through the art of HipHop, Steppin’, and Ballroom.  From there he fell upon West Coast Swing among various other styles of dance. After attending his first event, Boogie By The Bay in 2003, he knew his love of dance had turned into a passion for dance. Nicholas quickly rose through the ranks in West Coast Swing, competing in Jack & Jills, Strictlies, Classic, and Showcase.

For the last 15 years Nicholas has not only shared his passion for movement and music domestically, but internationally as well. He is known for introducing the latest line dances and is cherished for taking time to dance with everyone on the floor.

Anywhere Nicholas is, those around him are sure to have a great time.  He anxiously awaits getting to meet you at Rose City Swing!

PJ Turner and Tashina Beckmann

PJ Turner and Tashina Beckmann were brought together by a mutual passion: joy of movement through West Coast Swing.

They began their partnership in May 2013, and debuted their 1st ever Classic Routine in July 2013 at Swingtime in the Rockies. Within their first year of partnership they consistently placed Top 5 at major US NASDE and other WSDC events in the Classic Division, having a phenomenal start with their “Feel Again” routine.  They continue to place Top 5 with their 2nd Routine: “Counting Stars”.

Almost immediately following their debut they started teaching at events & at workshop weekends throughout the US. Throughout 2014 they have traveled, taught, competed, performed and judged at National and International Events.  Promoters and students alike love their fun energetic personalities, humorous accents, professionalism, and passion for late night dancing.

Their partnership is strengthened by the fact that their individual and now mutual life dreams were and continue to be professional dancers. They are so grateful they get to experience this together.  People often question how a long distance partnership from Tennessee to California works?  PJ & Tashina answer with “When You Love what you Do, You Find a way to make it work”.

Early on in the partnership PJ dubbed Tashina with the nickname “Taz”, to capture the spirit of her wild hair and ridiculous sounds she makes in the place of counting.  PJ’s nickname “Paco Jose” stems from a misunderstanding of what PJ actually stands for, ever since then it has stuck.

Together Taz & Paco look forward to the continued journey of their West Coast Swing experience, sharing their love of dancing.

Check out their Facebook page! PJ and Tashina Swing

John K. Piper

Piper is a lifelong lover of dance. He began partner dancing in 2001 with the Paradise Dancers and hasn’t stopped since. He knows over 20 different partner dances and specializes in West Coast Swing, Ballroom and a variety of Club Latin Dances. John currently competes in the Champions division and teaches in a variety of places across the globe. His dance style is very smooth, connected and musical while his teaching style is renowned for being specified to his students, packed with knowledge, and easy going. He has won numerous competitions such as Invitational and All Star Jack and Jills, he has placed top 5 in the NASDE Showcase division, as well as top 5 in NASDE champions strictly, but most importantly to him are his Social Dance awards from Colorado Country Classic, Boogie by the Bay, and Swing Diego. He is overjoyed to be able to continue sharing his love of dance with the greater Chico community.

Janelle Guido

Janelle Guido is from Santa Rosa, just north of San Francisco. She has been competing in the West Coast Swing circuit for the past 9 years. Janelle won the NASDE Jack and Jill tour for 2015, and also is in the California swing dance hall of fame. She loves traveling around the World sharing her love and passion for this wonderful improvisational dance!

She is passionate about teaching others WCS because she wants to share what has brought her life so much joy. Janelle is known for her energy on the dance floor. She loves to social dance so you know you can always find her out on the dance floor!!!

Tony Schubert and Larisa Tingle

Tony fell in love with dance in college. He competed on the ASU ballroom team for 4 years and returned after graduation to help coach. He started west coast swing shortly after and hasn’t looked back since. Six years later, Tony is competing at an all star level and is passionate about teaching and building his partnership with Larisa.

Larisa has been in love with music her whole life, from classic violinist to vocalist and finally to dancer. She dived into west coast swing and in four short years, she is now competing at an allstar level and excited to share her dancing dream with her partner Tony.

In addition to competing and teaching, Larisa started djing at local dances in Southern California but got known quickly for her groovy late night sets, “Tingle Time”, becoming one of the sought after Dj’s on the convention circuit around the country.

Check out their Facebook page! Tony and Tingle

Andrew Slac and Delancey Von Langendoerfer

 (Bio coming soon!)

Marcus Sterling and Tessa Antolini

Marcus began dancing during his undergraduate work at Oregon State University. His 1st ballroom class in 2004 paved the way to his love of social dance. Taking all classes possible, he soon discovered a talent for contemporary dance styles including West Coast Swing, Nightclub Two-Step, and Hustle, as well as American and Standard Ballroom. He’s been teaching in Corvallis and Eugene since 2008. He currently competes across the western United States in the west coast swing competitive circuit. He enjoys keeping up with the rapidly changing styles of contemporary partner dance, and enjoys watching students improve and find enjoyment in their dancing.

Tessa is an All-Star West Coast Swing & Ballroom competitor and experienced instructor offering partnered dance instruction to the people of the metro Boston area. From beginners to advanced, social dancers to competitors, she is excited to share her passion for dance and technical expertise to you!

Tessa is the 2017 Open Swing Dance Championship 6th-Place All-Star Finalist. She is an active competitor and judge on the World Swing Dance Council and the National Association of Swing Dance competitive circuits. Any given weekend you will find her in another US or European city, competing, training, and educating other dancers in this incredibly dynamic dance with her Classic partner Marcus Sterling of Portland, OR.

When not on the road, she engages in teaching the principles of partnered dance and performance in swing and all four competitive ballroom dance styles. She specializes in American Smooth and Rhythm.

“Partnered Dancing: No other art form combines so many of my passions: music, acting, movement, physics, story telling, performance and human interaction”  –Tessa Antolini

Joe Broderick and Leilani Nakagawa

Leilani’s dance journey spans 19 years and she has been teaching and coaching professionally for the past 8 years. She is the owner of Uptown Dance Studio in Tigard, OR where she enjoys her passion of sharing the joy of dance with her community. Her exploration of WCS started in 2009 and she immediately fell in love with the freedom of expressivity offered in West Coast Swing. Leilani has had the privilege and opportunity to train under many of the top professionals on the circuit and is now an All-star level wcs dancer. She and greatly enjoys discovering all the amazing dance concepts WCS has to offer and plans to enjoy dancing WCS for the rest of her life.

Joe’s dancing career started on the UCWDC floor where he enjoyed dancing to country music. After attending his first WCS-Only dance he was hooked, and has now been dancing WCS for the past 12 years. Joe enjoys the vast range of music that WCS offers and the seemingly endless possibilities each dance provides. Joe has a passion for DJ’ing and enjoys discovering new and unique music that gets people on the dance floor, as well as bringing back the classic favorites of yesteryear.