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SwitchLandia SwingLandia With Jon, Cassie, & a Switchly Swing JJ!

Rose City Swing Events is proud to announce that we are doing another Switchlandia at SwingLandia!

Jon Jackson (AKA Phoenix Grey) and Cassie Winter will spend the one and a half hour class teaching you how to dance the opposite role and learn how to switch roles during the dance. Then we will have open dancing with DJ Phoenix with a Switchly Swing Jack and Jill!

Check out the Switchly Swing Jack and Jill Finals! at Rose City Swing!

7:30PM to 9:00PM – Switching Class with Jon and Cassie (1.5 hour class)
9:00PM – Open Dancing with DJ Jon Jackson
9:15PM – Cut off for jack and jill sign up
9:30PM (Ish) Switchly Swing Jack and Jill Prelims

Class + Dance (Adult): $12
Class + Dance (Student): $10
Dance (Adult): $8
Dance (Student): $6
Jack and Jill Entry: $1

The Ballroom Dance Company
8900 SW Commercial St, Tigard OR

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About the teachers:
Jon and Cassie are both well-recognized teachers and dancers in the Portland area. They are both known for their accomplishments as leaders and followers. We are so excited to have them share their expertise with us!

About the Class:
This class is for anyone who wants to learn the opposite role, no experience necessary. In the first part, Jon will take those who usually lead and teach them to follow, while Cassie takes those who normally follow and teach them to lead. In the second part, the class will come together to practice your new skills and learn how to switch between roles smoothly during a dance.

About the competition:
Enter the Jack and Jill as a dancer (not a leader or follower). Like a regular jack and jill, you will rotate partners. During the dances, you will be judged on your leading and following. The best dancers that can both lead and follow will move to finals. (If you are confused don’t worry, we will go over this with more detail at the dance)

About Swing-Landia?
SwingLandia is Portland’s weirdest 3rd Saturday Dance! It happens every 3rd Saturday at the Ballroom Dance Company (Unless otherwise stated). Our dances include many fun elements such as unique classes, Jack and Jills, BYOB nights, Local and out of town teachers and DJ’s, and much more!
2017 DATES!
– August 19th
– September 16th
– October 21st
– November 18th

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